Spinach RNA-Seq libraries

sample IDspeciesaccessiontissueNo. raw readsNo. cleaned reads
SP40Spinacia tetrandraPI 608712 seedling of 20-day-old plant1122067010692591
SP42Spinacia tetrandraPI 647860 seedling of 20-day-old plant93015458907432
SP43Spinacia tetrandraPI 647861 seedling of 20-day-old plant1196830311449974
SP49Spinacia turkestanicaPI 647864 seedling of 20-day-old plant95802229071775
SP50Spinacia turkestanicaPI 647865 seedling of 20-day-old plant1548518414793772
SP51Spinacia turkestanicaPI 662295 seedling of 20-day-old plant1664054315874935
SP78Spinacia oleraceaS13-32seedling of 20-day-old plant1117473810551128
SP82Spinacia oleraceaJQSZ13-3seedling of 20-day-old plant105603399884918
SP90Spinacia oleraceaJQ13-1seedling of 20-day-old plant84459228056292

Related publications:

Xu C, Jiao C, Zheng Y, Sun H, Liu W, Cai X, Wang X, Liu S, Xu Y, Mou B, Dai S, Fei Z, Wang Q (2015) De novo and comparative transcriptome analysis of cultivated and wild spinach. Sci Rep 5:17706